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Sho Amano

Born in Kobe, a city rich in music, his passion and his energy that is music is awakened and his music career begins.
As a vocalist and the bass player of the legendary rock band "E.B.S."(formed in 1971) the road has taken Sho to many places and has given him the opportunity to work with many a great number of talented musicians and continues to do so to this day. His powerful bass embodies the true spirit of music and his power of expression extends beyond borders and languages covering any and all music genres…
When the Great Hanshin Earthquake hit Kobe on January 17th 1995, and the people watched as the city they loved and everything they had knew was destroyed in a matter of seconds… Sho knew he had to get back to the basics and he knew he could help… And so, his solo music career-- comprising of only his voice and his beloved bass-guitar-- begins… That was the first step to helping himself get back on his feet and has since helped thousands to do the same.
Sho is truly a one of a kind artist who brings a world of wonderment and mystique to those who want to feel real music… A powerful and emotional musician, Sho and his music are passionately adored by fans around the world… “Sho's World"… It is an adventure you will not soon forget…


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Bass & Voice " Lullaby " released!